Tauntaun in Star Wars

What exactly is a Tauntaun?


The Tauntaun is one of Star Wars’ many infamous creatures. It first appeared in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. The Taun taun is characterized by white fur, downturned horns, and four nostrils. It is also said to have a very foul body odor. Tauntauns are bipeds that stand over 8 feet tall and are indigenous to the planet Hoth. Their main diet consists of lichens, mushrooms, and fungi. Although their thick layers of fur and fat make them perfectly suitable to withstand the cold temperatures of the day on Hoth, they cannot withstand the plummeting, frigid night temperatures and therefore must retreat to ice caves for shelter.

What Purpose do Tauntauns Serve?

Throughout Star Wars Taun tauns are used for several purposes including mounts, beasts of burden, and tourist attractions. They were commonly used as mounts to transfer the Rebel Alliance from place to place throughout many of the Star Wars movies. Luke Skywalker, among others was seen riding one of these animals. The Tauntaun, although indigenous to the planet Hoth, was transferred to other cold climate areas such as Coruscant’s polar caps for further use as mounts. Domesticated Tauntauns were commonly used as beast of burdens to accomplish mundane tasks more efficiently. Sometimes these beasts were even used as tourist attractions to certain areas. Typically taun tauns give birth to four young each Hoth year. These young are domesticated as babies and then used as mounts and tourist attractions as they grow.

Does the Tauntaun Have Any Enemies?

The Tauntaun, although monstrous in size is occasionally preyed upon by another infamous Star Wars creature, the Wampa. Wampas are carnivorous species also indigenous to the planet Hoth. They are characterized by their horns, claws, and white fur. Only standing at over 6 feet tall compared to the Tauntaun’s 8 feet, they still hunt tauntauns to survive in Hoth’s cold climate. Wampas first appeared in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Famous Tauntaun Scene in Star Wars

The most famous scene involving a Tauntaun in any Star Wars movie occurred in The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker is laying in the freezing snow of the planet Hoth and begins to hallucinate. Meanwhile Han Solo rides up on a Tauntaun to Luke’s rescue. As Han is attempting to help Luke, the taun taun dies due to the frigid night temperatures of the planet Hoth. Han quickly drags Luke to the Tauntaun and uses his light saber to cut open the belly of the beast. He sticks Luke inside the Tauntaun’s stomach to keep him warm and alive while he makes a shelter to last through the night. The next day both Han and Luke are rescued.

Check out the Tauntaun Scene for Yourself

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