Star Wars Sleeping Bag Benefits

Why You Should Buy a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Everyone knows that the type of sleeping bag a person brings to a sleep over or an event speaks volumes about their character. Any Star Wars Fan would appeciate a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag. If you are looking to treat yourself, a friend, or a family member to a great piece of Star Wars memorabilia then this Sleeping Back is perfect for you. The tauntaun is one of George Lucas’ infamous creatures, appearing in several of his Star Wars films. Every fan would love to sleep within the belly of the Tauntaun, if even just for a night. In addition to being a great addtion to any Star Wars collection, this sleeping bag is extremely comfortable and very functional. Here are 4 more reasons why investing in a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag is a wise decision.

1. Extremely Affordable – The Best Price You Will Find – Great Quality too! – Everyone loves Star Wars but nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg to get the product they want. This Tauntaun Sleeping Bag is of the highest quality and we guarantee it to be the cheapest around. This sleeping bag will last a long time and is probably the most comfortable sleeping option you will find. We guarantee this price is fair and are 100 percent certain it is the best price you will find online since we direct you to the only store that currently offers this product. In fact, we are so dedicated to making sure this product is affordable, we are currently providing you with a $10 off coupon to lower your expense even more! Please be certain to enter coupon code 1KBB at check out to SAVE. For more information on our pricing and competitors please read:

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Price Comparison Chart

2. Identical to the Tauntaun – The Sleeping Bag’s Features are Identical to the Creature’s– This Tauntaun Star Wars Sleeping Bag is identical to your favorite creature from the movies if not even better! This high quality sleeping bag is a mirror image to the Tauntaun, equipped with comfy pillow head, saddle, tail, arms and legs. It even has printed internal intestines on the inside of the sleeping bag so you can recreate the scene from the Empire Strikes Back as realistically as possible, without making a mess of course! You can cut open the simulated Tauntaun fur with the plush lightsaber zipper pull that is attached to the sleeping bag itself. Not only does this sleeping back recreate the scene where Han Solo saves Luke Skywalker from certain death but it also creates an amazing sleeping experience as well!

3. Makes an Amazing Gift for Family and Friends – Need a great idea of what to get a family member or friend for a holiday or birthday? Is the person your shopping for a huge Star Wars fan? (Of course they are!) Then this present is an amazing gift. We have already discussed how it is affordable and helps recreate the infamous scene where Han Solo cuts open the massive Tauntaun to save Luke Skywalker from the dreaded cold of the planet Hoth. What else do you need to hear? This will be the best gift you have ever given. Mark our words and see the gift recipients reaction. We guarantee neither you nor them will be disappointed.

4. Great for Kids – Teach Your Kids about One of the Best Movies Ever – Looking for a way to get your kids to actually want to go to sleep at night? Purchase them a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag and tell them tales about the best movie ever as you tuck them in. This sleeping bag is amazing for playing pretend games such as “Save Luke from the Wampa.” Your kids will actually want to get to bed at night and we have a feeling you will enjoy the experience just as much as they will!